Giorgiana’s: South End

Last week, I ventured to the South End for some shopping and good times [thanks Groupon & StyleFixx]. I was running around all day so I decided I might as well get there a bit early and explore the dining options in the area.

Tremont St. and the South End/Back Bay area is simply beautiful. It just looks so classy! &Historic. Truly delightful. Yet since it is so fancy, the dining options were a bit limited as far as cheap dining goes. [Confession–I walked several blocks specifically looking a for fast food joint, but alas.]

So I stumbled upon Giorgiana’s–a typical Boston meat/cheese shop. I figured that’d be the cheapest thing I’d find on this street, so I came in not expecting much. So glad I did!

I was pretty overwhelmed by their 12+ delicious sounding soups, so I opted for a soup/sandwich combo. NOMNOM. I got their roast beef on multigrain bread (I originally asked for ciabatta, but they were out–so she recommended the multigrain), with the standard tomato/lettuce/mayo combo on top.

My overall impression of the sandwich: delish. And fresh! The roast beef was pretty pink in color, almost a pale-ish tan. It was a little dry, but I think that actually made it taste better [who knew?]. Not chewy & generally a nice texture. Towards the end, there was a hint of pepper on the meat–so good, nice touch. (I wish it was evenly seasoned so I could’ve had more of that nomness!)

Yet again the bread issue came up–the multigrain taste at first seemed to completely mask everything else, but eventually I began to taste the rest of the sandwich. Oh and the soup was pretty tasty too [chicken+lemon+egg, like avgolemono!]. I would love to go back and try a different soup. The more I think about it, the more I might go back today! It was under ten bucks total and included a drink.

Overall, I was impressed not only with the sandwich/soup but with the environment! Everyone that came in seemed like a regular, and George (perhaps the store owner?, it would make sense) was super friendly and cordial to everyone. Definitely a happy lil shop.

My rating: 8/10


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