Tufts Catering: Medford/Somerville

The last time I posted a review, the place went out of business. While there is the very strong liklihood that I had absolutely nothing to do with that, it does place a little reluctance on publishing anything more.

Fortunately, to break the potential curse, I’m continuing on with a business that will likely never fade out–Tufts’ Catering. This is the standard catering at Tufts University. My employer ordered roast beef at our last luncheon specifically for my enjoyment, so I thought ‘Why not review it?’.

I also thought to myself: this is a generic catering service–so go a little crazy with the toppings. And by crazy I mean I added red peppers [note: I will be exploring the grand question of roast beef + toppings in a later post more in-depthly!].

So what was on it: Red peppers, arugala, some cooked onion [I don’t enjoy onion–I removed what I could], and tomato. There was no mayo[!?], but I think it probably would’ve tasted better without it anyway. Good call on their part.

The meat was your pretty standard ‘deli-style’ [as in, bought prepackaged and presliced in the grocery store] fare–darker, unspiced, cold, nestled inside an italian bread roll. Pairing the beef with red peppers was a wise choice, considering I enjoy a little spice in my RB. The meat itself had a good texture, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. A fine, make-it-yourself-at-home, store-bought kind of sandwich.

My current struggle with roast beef continues to be the choice of bread, where this roll was simple too thick–there was too much bread to completely enjoy the flavors. &Of course, the carmelized onion also ‘tainted’ the sandwich despite me removing the actual onion.

Overall, I learned more about what I like and dislike in a sandwich, and it was the usual sub fare. Oh and because it was free and Tufts affiliated, it gets a bonus point: 6/10.


Update: I brought some home for a housemate, &she later told me that with some fancy mustard it was ‘amazing’. Maybe I should jump on the mustard train. Or not.

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