Espresso’s Pizza: Medford, MA

For this review I decided to trek two blocks from my house to Espresso’s Pizza, a Tufts and Medford staple. The staff is super friendly, and I’ve heard the pizza is great. My friend opted for some delicious looking steak and cheese sub, and seemed satisfied. I, of course, ordered the roast beef with tomato and mayo.

Unfortunately, my notes from this review got lost along with my old cell phone [RIP]. But here is what I do remember:

The portion was hefty, pretty standard for the roast beef joints around here. Way more meat than bread, which is always a plus. Bonus points for the thick tomato slices. But let’s face it: the most important part of the sandwich here is the meat itself. And well, it was slightly on the too-chewy side, not to mention the flavor of the meat was slightly concerning. For starters, it wasn’t particularly juicy, but overall it tasted old. Like it would have been thrown out the next day (or maybe should have been thrown out the day before). I’m not a pro on roast beef, but I know the smell and taste of coldcuts that are approaching their expiration date.

Overall, I give it 4/10 stars.



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