RBB: Hot or Cold?

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is the idea of roast beef sandwiches being hot or cold. Some people have a preference, some seem surprised either way, but I’ve never really thought about it much.

Doing some thinking, it seems there is no uniform method for presenting this meal. When making it at home, it seems the dish is always served cold. Which makes sense, considering it is often a ‘leftover’, pull-it-out-of-the-fridge-and-put-it-in-between-some-bread-call-it-a-sandwich kinda deal. Yet most restaurants tend to serve it hot. Delis—maybe either/or? I’m trying to even recall if the places I frequent are even consistent with the temperature of their sandwiches….??? I honestly have no idea.

My favorite presentation of roast beef to date was served warm (Rosa’s Roast Beef & Subs, Medford Square). There was the warm (delish) meat, coupled with cool tomatoes and mayo, on a just toasted roll. Just thinking about it is making my stomach grumble!

So yes, I’m learning things all the time in this roast beef journey. It’s hot or its cold (Chime in Katy Perry!). Either way, good to me.


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Fan of Boston. Fan of roast beef.
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