Roast Beef 101

I left Boston for the holiday, back home to a rather rainy and flooded San Diego. I figured during this time I could do some recreational reading on roast beef—what I should be looking for, ways to assess the quality… general ways to review roast beef other than whether or not it reaches my personal seal of approval. As much as I think my personal taste buds and enthusiasm are credentials enough, I will say part of this experience is also to just learn more about it.

Pretty sure I know the answer to this question, but I’m going to ask anyway: Have you ever googled “roast beef”? Try googling it and seeing what comes up. You won’t find much in regards to reviews or appreciation. The lack of resources is ridiculously limited—it is almost like I’ve discovered an information gap on the internet!

Amazingly enough, this meat seems to be pretty under the radar. The wiki page is WEAK.

While the term ‘roast beef’ usually brings to mind mashed potatoes and carrots and a cozy fireplace, maybe a nice stout on the side.. I’m not really focusing on that kind of roast beef. Rather, in this context I’m talking about the straight-up cold-cut form. Nomnom.

With that said, I have so far learned little to nothing about its origins or what makes a good roast beef. I have a feeling this adventure is going to take me beyond the computer screen, perhaps maybe even actual human interaction! Woah.

All I know so far is that in the context of these reviews, roast beef is very overlooked—it is merely considered a plain, unexciting leftover food item. Even historically they have given the roast beef sandwich a lack of significance, describing the item not even by any particular name, just as random meat in between toast (insulting, I know).

Currently I’m en route to the lovely but snowy midwest… they have good meat products there, right? We’ll see.


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