Mmmm Roast Beef

Welcome to Roast Beef Boston!

This blog is exactly what it sounds like: A blog dedicated to all the roast beef Boston has to offer. I hope to have a few posts a month of food reviews, and maybe a post or two that further explores the art of this delicious meat.

So who am I to judge? Good question. I’m just a twentysomething that’s enthusiastic about many a thing, one of which is roast beef. I moved to Boston in mid-August. While I was fully aware of the seafood and sports that well-occupied this town, I was completely surprised by the amount of sub shops and delis. Even more so, the shops that proudly boast about their roast beef.

But yeah, I effing love roast beef. So the fact that Boston has presented me with the opportunity to explore dozens of roast beef shops around town has led me to the creation of this blog. I’m no food critic nor food snob, just spirited about the product. Enjoy!


About roastbeefboston

Fan of Boston. Fan of roast beef.
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